love in the time of covid-19

Nothing quite feels real anymore. To be honest, there are so many things that we've experienced that have felt fictional since 2016. So many days where I wake up and think, "Wow, can you imagine if Tr*mp had actually won the election?" And then I think, oh, fuck me. But this virus, this pandemic, this... Continue Reading →

august’s adventures

I’m used to returning to fall with a vengeance. Hot off the presses of an international trip that forced me out of my comfort zone, I usually find it easy to accept the challenge of sucking the most out of life no matter where I am, which is always Florida come August. But though I... Continue Reading →

later, gator!

As dynamic as the past few months have been, I think my emotional state has been remarkably stagnant- frozen in a very calm fear. I'm calm, I'm cool, I might even call myself serene. I'm finding peace in the little things, soaking in the last few months of collegiate freedom. I'm cleaning my room in anticipation... Continue Reading →

dreams of dreams

One Year Post-Departure Looking back, it's almost hard to believe that it ever happened at all. Currently caught in the throes of everyday life, surrounded by normalcy or– dare I say it– mediocrity, my other life feels like a dream. Not in the idealistic sense, where I wish I could go back to that utopia,... Continue Reading →


Hanging in ambiguity is healthy, but how long can you stand it? I'm a quarter way through my final year of college, past the mid-term point of my senior year fall semester. There are so many emotions associated with this time in my life- excitement, anxiety, joy, fear, helplessness, empowerment, exhilaration, bliss, stress, impatience, elation.... Continue Reading →


Repeat after me: travel is always worth it. Through the best days where you meet new friends and find the most beautiful souvenir art piece, to the worst days where you cry in airport bathrooms and think about booking a flight home. When you feel totally lost in a new city, out of place figuratively... Continue Reading →

How to Study Abroad

A beginner's guide: Find a place that sounds cool. I chose Denmark because it sounded awesome to me. Italy and Spain are nice, but some people don't even know where Denmark is. How cool is that? Find a place that piques your interest(s). Okay, I didn't choose to go to Copenhagen just to sound cultured. I... Continue Reading →

coming “home”

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I noticed a weird feeling in my stomach that I guessed was homesickness; but for which home, I couldn't say. After four short months, I'm back from my semester abroad, and I'm experiencing a little more than my fair share of (reverse?) culture shock. I've cried too many times to... Continue Reading →

grappling with goodbye

Four months, a period of time I used to think would last forever, has flown by far too quickly. It's horribly cliché, but I swear it really does feel like only yesterday that I was looking at the view from my balcony in utter shock that this was real, that I had moved to Europe.... Continue Reading →

procrastination station

I've been in college long enough to know the drill. There's just a week left of classes, and I have about 20 pages of papers due on top of 2 projects, an hour-and-a-half group presentation, an oral Danish exam, and a bunch of end-of-semester festivities to enjoy. My time left before the end of the... Continue Reading →

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